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Medsave Clinic Intensive Outpatient Program for Addiction

Our intensive outpatient program (IOP) for addiction is generally a 12 – 16 weeks program which can be extended dependent upon each client’s progress. This outpatient program provides a minimum of 9 hours per week of addiction treatment. Medsave Addiction Treatment Center IOP program permits clients to live in our affiliated supervised sober living, work a job, and travel to our addiction treatment center to participate in treatment. Addiction recovery in the intensive outpatient program is about teamwork, and it starts with you. Our Columbus Ohio intensive outpatient program will encourage you to change the destructive attitudes you hold about yourself that fuels substance abuse. You will overcome your fears and learn how to attain your goals. You will do this utilizing both traditional and non-traditional methods. Medsave Addiction Treatment Center treats the total person, not just the addiction side. Our Columbus Ohio IOP program helps clients realize a life they were meant to live.

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Medsave Addiction Treatment Center of Columbus Ohio IOP Program

Group Therapy

Our intensive outpatient programs for addiction give clients the opportunity to continue living in a safe, structured, sober environment and work in the nearby area. Clients can practice implementing real-life changes under moderate supervision. It is a step-down program that begins to set a foundation for long-term sobriety. Clients typically reside in a sober living residence. Our goals include creating behavioral changes, enhancing problem-solving skills, and developing coping strategies. Our IOP therapists reinforce these goals by supporting clients in handling the mental, social, spiritual, and physical facets of a sober lifestyle. At the same time, our therapists will work with clients to build on their existing motivation. This includes engaging family members in the addiction treatment process and introducing self-help and other aftercare support resources.

Group Therapy

Types of Intensive Outpatient Therapies:

During group, individual and family therapy sessions facilitated by Medsave Clinic addiction treatment staff, clients are shown a variety of evidence-based therapy techniques, including:

Additionally, clients are exposed to a variety of support groups, including:

Clients will receive the essential tools needed to improve upon their progress made during the IOP Program

Individual Therapy is Once-a-Week in IOP

Individual therapy, or psychotherapy, is the most common form of behavioral therapy. Clients meet in private therapy sessions with one of our highly-trained therapists. Our therapists can can help them identify and accurately speak to the things that impacted the start of substance abuse. The safety of treatment may be where the addict finally comes to terms with their anxieties and can concede their alcohol or drug addiction. Furthermore, clients may be fearful of losing their job or the trust of their family if they freely acknowledge their substance abuse. The relationship nurtured between the client and Medsave Clinic’s addiction therapists allows the client to honesty. Ultimately, our therapists do this so that hidden issues can be brought into the open, resolved, and managed on an ongoing basis.

Group Therapy in IOP

Group therapy offers a diverse atmosphere for clients. It brings all Medsave Addiction Treatment Center clients at our IOP together for regular sessions. The group therapy structure will vary depending on the therapist leading the discussion. Oftentimes, the therapist emphasizes a particular topic for the gathering and gives clients an opportunity to discuss their individual experiences. Some therapists allow for a more open discussion format, whereas others keep the conversation targeted to a particular theme. By contributing to a conversation topic, engaging in a group activity, or even just listening, clients can start to mend their addiction struggles while supporting others in the group. Clients feel a part of something, which is stark contrast from their isolated existence in substance abuse.

Client-Focused Intensive Outpatient Program

During the intensive outpatient program, each client maintains a treatment team that includes a physician, nurse, primary counselor, case manager, and nutritionist. This team is responsible for assessing and working with each client to continue both an individualized plan of care and next level addiction care recommendations. At Medsave Addiction Treatment Center, we believe that everyone choosing recovery over addiction has taken the biggest step of their life. Although recovery isn’t easy, most will tell you it’s absolutely worth it! Substance abuse take its toll on you mentally and physically. Addicts routinely express feeling exhausted and hopeless. The first step is to be honest with yourself and ask for help. Seeking assistance is a sign of strength and commitment to improving oneself. We urge you to be honest with us about your history of substance use, so we can best help tailor a comprehensive addiction treatment program. Specifically, we offer a range of therapies that are pointed to root out problems of drug abuse and alcoholism.

Intensive Outpatient is Vital for Long-Term Sobriety

Addiction treatment disconnects the individual from all likely triggers in their community for a protracted period of time. If a client returns to the same routines, they are in danger of relapse. The IOP program is critical to the transition back into everyday life, by strengthening all the therapies from partial hospitalization treatment. At Medsave Clinic, our IOP’s most important goal is to help our clients live a sober, healthy lifestyle after treatment. Moreover, we successfully steer our clients through the difficult times that come with addiction recovery. Clients work with their therapists individually and on a weekly basis. When clients are not participating in group therapy, they can be found working, going to school, or going to outside 12-step meetings. IOP provides clients with an easy transition from a rehab setting to a continued journey of recovery with family and friends. Family members can rest assured that their loved ones are getting the substance abuse treatment they need in order to achieve lasting change.

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Addiction is a disease that affects millions of Americans daily. With an increasing number of people needing Florida addiction treatment for their substance use disorders, it’s more vital than ever to get help. It is never too late to stop using and concentrate on healing and recovery. By calling our intensive outpatient program of Columbus, Ohio, you can begin your own “path” to addiction recovery. If you remain in addiction, you are more likely to lose your job, drop out of school and become a stranger to those closest to you. Call us today at 614-5053126 to get the individualized treatment that you deserve.

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Our patient Most Valuable Words

Jodi Mobley (Canal Winchester)

The staff at MedSave is great! They take care of me faster than any other place at a price that I can afford.

Elena Mihailovska (Dublin)

Without the convenience of MedSave Clinic, I may have lost my job from all of the necessary treatments I needed. Due to their great staff, I am well and still employed!

Jun Shen (Columbus)

MedSave Clinic got me treated and got me back to work so that I could get back to living life!

Jeremy Kruse (Dublin)

MedSave Clinic gave me the tools and support I needed to overcome addiction. The counselors were incredibly understanding and helped me rebuild my life. I'm forever grateful for their guidance.

Evelyn Martinez (Columbus)

Finding MedSave Clinic was a turning point in my life. Their holistic approach to addiction treatment changed everything for me. Thanks to their dedicated team, I'm now living a life free from addiction.

Dan Hodges (Dublin)

MedSave Clinic isn't just a treatment center; it's a place of hope and healing. Their team's unwavering support and evidence-based therapies helped me break the cycle of addiction.

Isabel M. (Columbus)

MedSave Clinic didn't just treat my addiction; they helped me rebuild my self-esteem and find purpose in life again. I couldn't be more grateful for their guidance and support.

Alex Ross (Dublin)

MedSave Clinic has been a lifesaver for me. The counselors are not only highly skilled but also genuinely caring. They helped me navigate the rocky road to recovery, and I'm grateful for their unwavering support.

Alisa Milano (Columbus)

Choosing MedSave Clinic was one of the best decisions I've made. The counselors are empathetic and understanding, and they helped me uncover the root causes of my addiction. I'm now on a path to a healthier, happier life.