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Case Management

Case management for addiction treatment is a resource that allows for collaboration within the rehab facility. Under case management, all external community or business resources are provided to the client as needed. Case management works with each client to coordinate care and all necessary outside needs. MedSave Clinic wants clients to focus on their recovery while in Columbus addiction treatment. As such, case management will focus on “life” details to keep things moving, while you concentrate on getting sober. Our case management services are available to clients in all levels of care.

Our case management team will be an advocate for clients and hand over all their external issues. They will locate integrated treatment options or aftercare prior to a client’s discharge. Case management is responsible for a multitude of items, including:

Prescription Drug Rehab

Case Management Directs the Addiction Treatment Process

Prescription Drug Rehab

Case managers serve as the “center” for addiction treatment. Treatment can include  partial hospitalization ,  intensive outpatient  or outpatient and long-term psychological counseling. They can help with a variety of testing procedures and healthcare specialists. Case managers are also the intermediary and navigator into a multifaceted system of behavioral health care. Additionally, they can create pathways that a typical client would have a difficult time navigating on their own. Furthermore, they can assist in creating a treatment plan that might include a variety of approaches and modalities, including:

Benefits of Medsave Clinic Addiction Treatment Case Management

Case management offers many benefits to clients. In addition to the practical services and expertise that they contribute to the client, case managers support their clients on an emotional and psychological level in the following ways:

Our case manager will help you solve many of the things that cause worry for clients and their families. This helps clients feel more confident and secure. That’s why we include full-time, licensed case management at Medsave Addiction Treatment Center. Our case manager is an important resource to help our clients reach their full potential, not only in substance abuse treatment, but also in life on its own terms.


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