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Dr. Deborah Prather

Human Resources Manager

Dr. Deborah Prather

After attending college (psychology, philosophy and language), Ms. Prather attained managerial roles. She owned and operated her own businesses honing her skills in operations, human resources and efficacious teamwork. Deborah continued her education both in healthcare and finance. In addition to health-related certifications, she obtained several multi state licenses and continued entrepreneurial ventures, such as property management and investing. To further expand her professional portfolio, she navigated into the legal field. Deborah’s talents include writing and knowledge of the law having worked extensively as a paralegal both with attorneys, Judges and freelance all while continuing her education.

  • The founders of Medsave Clinic hired Deborah Prather in 2014 to handle contracts, documentation preparation and implementation. Her insight, strategies and philosophy are an asset to our business plan for the growth and expansion and in 2021 Deborah was officially given the title as Medsave Clinic’s Human Resources Manager. Deborah has long valued a life of service with extensive community achievements throughout her career history adding invaluable experience that has evolved from volunteer peer counseling into public service. Deborah has collaborated with several Mayors, served on her city’s Executive Committee for Homeless Standdown Events to support and house displaced individuals. Deborah utilized her legal expertise to work with Judges at legal clinics as a volunteer. Ms. Prather was also appointed by two Mayors to the Military Affairs Advisory Board in 2015. After two terms successfully bringing to fruition initiatives as Secretary on the Board, Deborah was elected and sworn in as Vice President of the Advisory Board and served a total of four consecutive terms. In 2023 Deborah was nominated and won the position of President of the HOA in her community. Deborah represents for FMCI the clinics affiliate since 2022 and the clinic at a recovery event featuring our intensive outpatient program on the local news, evidence of our shared vision for the betterment of all humans in need.

Champion of Culture and Care at Medsave Clinic

Our Human Resources Manager is truly a trailblazer and goes above and beyond to create a positive workplace environment, loyal to the mission and vision of Medsave Clinic. Deborah is an agent for the President and CEO, she also works closely with the Medical Director, dedicated to ensuring quality, patient centered and trauma informed care provided through Medsave Clinic’s addiction and mental health services for the most positive results and outcomes for our patients. Our HR Manager shows her true commitment to contribute, develop, enhance and provide lifelong public service to society.