Primary Care Doctors in Columbus, OH

Professional family care physicians and medical staff at MedSave Clinic offer primary care, behavioral counseling, hepatitis C and mental health/psychiatry services. Call us now to schedule an appointment.

Primary Care Doctors in Columbus, OH
Primary Care Doctors in Columbus, OH

At MedSave Clinic, you’ll be able to find your new primary care doctor. Our doctors are actually family doctors too, so you might find that one of them would make a great doctor for your entire family! It’s easy to meet with a doctor here at our clinic. Just get in touch with us and we’ll introduce you to one of our primary care doctors in Columbus, OH.

Why do I need a primary care doctor?

This kind of professional provides first-contact healthcare, preventive care, and continual care. A primary care doctor can diagnose and treat common conditions like minor bone fractures or the flu, and help you prevent these conditions from occurring in the first place. The doctor can also help you prevent chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease, or provide continual care for an existing chronic condition. Even if all you need is general health advice, a primary care doctor can provide it.

These kinds of services are invaluable. They will help you stay as healthy as possible and can even improve your health. And as a primary care doctor begins to understand you and your health more and more, he or she will more easily be able to identify any health issues that come up. Also, a primary care doctor can provide any referrals you need to be able to see certain specialists. And finally, by preventing health issues from becoming serious and costly, a primary care doctor can actually save you money and thus lower the cost of your healthcare.

What is the difference between a family doctor and a primary care physician?

It’s common for a primary care physician to specialize in treating adults (including seniors). This kind of primary care physician is known as an internist. This is simply a more specialized kind of primary care physician. It’s also common for a primary care physician to choose not to specialize at all and to treat patients of any age, including children. This kind of primary care physician is known as a family doctor.

Here at MedSave Clinic, our primary care physicians are family doctors, so we can take care of anyone in your family of any age! We’re capable of providing pediatric care, which is healthcare for children, adult care, and geriatric care, which is care for seniors. One of our primary care doctors can take care of everyone in your family, if you like. The big advantage of this is that the doctor can look for, predict, and treat health issues shared between your family members, which could be genetic issues.

How do I find a new primary care physician?

Some people begin their search by asking family members if they would recommend a particular primary care physician. Other people might search online for “primary care doctors near me.” However, you might have already found what you’re looking for!

MedSave Clinic has quality primary care doctors in Columbus, OH. These doctors are board-certified and fully capable of taking care of anyone in your family of any age, including your children. They can provide immediate care for common illnesses or injuries, as well as preventive care and continual care. You can be fully confident in their capabilities.

The first step in getting a new primary care doctor for yourself or your family is to book a simple meet-and-greet with a doctor. To do this, give us call. We’ll answer your questions about us and our doctors, then we’ll get you booked in for the meet-and-greet. And when you’re ready to come in for your meet-and-greet, you’ll find our clinic at 246 E Campus View Blvd. Columbus, OH 43235. We look forward to speaking with and meeting you soon here at MedSave Clinic!