Walk-in Pain Clinic in Columbus, OH

Walk-in Pain Clinic in Columbus, OH

For all your non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries you can visit our walk-in clinic. Learn more about our walk-in clinic, visit MedSave Clinic. For more information, call us or schedule an appointment online! We are conveniently located at 246 E Campus View Blvd. Columbus, OH 43235.

Walk-in Pain Clinic Near Me in Columbus, OH
Walk-in Pain Clinic Near Me in Columbus, OH

At MedSave Clinic, we see many patients with urgent health matters, like needing help with pain or an addiction. You don’t have to book an appointment and can just walk right in for immediate care. If you’d like to learn more about what a walk-in clinic can do for you, then contact our clinic or keep reading for further information on walk-in clinics.

When should I visit a walk-in clinic?

When you have a life-threatening health issue, you need to visit the ER (emergency room) because only the ER can handle life-threatening situations. When you have a minor health matter, you can go visit your primary care physician. Walk in clinics are good for health issues that are non-life threatening.

“Urgent” means a health matter is non-life-threatening, but it’s still necessary to get prompt attention. For example, if you have significant but not serious pain, this isn’t a life-threatening situation, but you should have it addressed so it doesn’t become worse. The symptoms of a condition like hepatitis can be urgent too, and so can simple injuries and illnesses.

Is there a difference between walk-in clinics and urgent care clinics?

Urgent care clinics provide prompt service, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they provide walk-in service, so an appointment may be necessary. However, walk-in clinics provide walk-in service, so an appointment isn’t necessary. MedSave Clinic has urgent care and walk-in services available to you.

What kinds of services can I get at a walk-in clinic?

MedSave Clinic provides many different kinds of services, and many of our services may be available on a walk-in basis. We provide many primary care services, so we can serve you when your primary care physician isn’t available or convenient. For instance, we can provide pain relief and pain management services, as well as treatments for common injuries and illnesses. We also provide treatments for health conditions like hepatitis and substance addictions (drug and alcohol addictions). For example, we can offer behavioral therapy for many health conditions. In addition to all that, we offer dietary and weight-loss services, and many other services that are available for walk-ins.

Can you just walk into a walk-in clinic for service?

Yes, you can simply walk right into a walk-in clinic for service. You don’t have to call ahead to book an appointment. You can also bring in a family member for care, since walk-in clinics serve patients of just about any age. When you arrive at the clinic, a staff member will ask you about your reason for visiting and your personal information, then the staff member will ask you to wait a short while for service. Soon after, you’ll see a medical professional.

Come see us today here at MedSave Clinic. You can just come by or bring in a loved one for care right on the spot, and we’ll have you back home and feeling better in next to no time. We serve patients from Columbus OH, Whitehall OH, Obetz OH, Lincoln Village OH, Worthington OH, and Urbancrest OH.

We hope to see you soon here at MedSave Clinic!