Substance Abuse Disorder

Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment Specialist Q&A

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Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment Specialist Near Me in Columbus, OH
Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment Specialist Near Me in Columbus, OH

What is the first step in recovery?

Typically, the first step in treatment and recovery from an addiction is known as detoxification. Which involves clearing the substance from the body and limiting withdrawal reactions – in many cases, detoxification treatment will involve medications to reduce and mitigate the withdrawal symptoms.

For those worried or concerned about detoxification, please give us a call at MedSave Clinic – your call is completely confidential and we can help connect you with resources and a treatment plan to help you at every stage of your recovery.

What are the five stages of recovery?

There are five stages of addiction recovery. These stages are:

  • Pre-Contemplation: Addicts in this phase have yet to admit that they have a problem and are unaware of the severity of the situation that they are in;
  • Contemplation: the addict recognizes and has accepted that they need to make changes but are struggling to understand both the root cause of their addiction and how to move forward, choosing to seek help is a huge step towards recovery for an addict;
  • Preparation: Addicts in this stage have made concrete plans for their recovery, which may include taking a pledge of abstinence or admitting themselves to a rehabilitation facility or program;
  • Action: Addicts in this phase begin the physical process of recovery, be that changing their surroundings or changing their behavior and is the foundation for long-term sobriety;
  • Maintenance: Recovery takes time, inner-strength, and dedication and is a process, not a single event and it is vital that when they return home and to their everyday life that they remain engaged in their sober community and support network.

What is substance abuse disorder?

Drug addiction – also known as substance abuse disorder – is an illness that affects an individual’s brain and their behavior which then leads to an inability control their usage of a legal or illegal drug or medication. Drugs or substances can include alcohol, marijuana, and nicotine – all of which are considered drugs. When an individual becomes addicted, they will continue to use the drug in question despite the harm that it causes.

The disorder can begin with using the drug as an experiment or recreationally in social situations and, for some individuals, the drug use then becomes more frequent. Particularly with opioids, the addiction typically begins with exposure and use of prescription medications or if they receive the medication from a friend or relative who has been prescribed the medication previously.

The risk of addiction varies by drug – although opioid painkillers have a higher risk and can cause addiction quicker than others – but also on an individual basis, in which some will become addicted faster than others. But as time passes, the individual will find that they need larger and larger doses of the drug to achieve the desired high or even just to feel good and will find it increasingly difficult to go without the drug. Attempting to stop drug use may cause intense feelings and make an individual feel physically ill – which are known as withdrawal symptoms.

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