Fatty Liver Disease

Fatty liver is the most common liver disease. An Estimated 30 Million Americans have fatty liver disease. Fatty liver is a diagnosis of exclusion which means we have to eliminate other types of liver disease. It is related to metabolic disease, which means diabetes, family history of diabetes, a high triglyceride count, hypertension and obesity.

Treatment at this time involves diet and exercise; there are no good pharmacologic therapies for fatty liver, however, we may be participating in a few clinical trials of certain medications. Our strongest recommendation is that the patient exercise, which includes walking 30 min a day 3x a week.

Liver Cancer

We treat all types of Liver cancer here at the Pasadena Liver Center, with a focus on cancers related to cirrhosis.  We take a multi-disciplinary approach and work closely with the liver transplant team, radiologists and the USC liver team so that we can treat your liver disease and cancer at the same time.  By taking this approach, we can ensure that the most effective therapies are being used, using an evidence based approach.

Liver Disease Treatment Worthington OH

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